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Virtual Events

They were new and all-important and now they’re already over? We don’t think so either… The immediacy and cost-effectiveness of virtual events is a genie that’s not going back into the bottle. Supplement your travel and in-person events with the biggest, broadest, best-run virtual events you can.

We can help you plan, invite, structure, design and write presentations and multimedia elements and speaker scripts, and conduct your live virtual conference or big meeting. And even help with the follow-up.


Case Study

Event Vision

To create an online community that will serve as an exclusive forum for Small Business Owners to discuss ideas, challenges, share solutions and network. The community will be exclusive to Small Business Owners. Further, to create additional brand awareness for Yield Bookkeeping and ensure positive experience for all qualified attendees.


Create an online community for Small Business Owners that will differentiate itself from a crowded field of events.  In addition to drive behavior to want them to become part of a community versus attending an event.


Developed successful monthly virtual event with dynamic agenda (Speed Networking, Featured Speakers, Open forum to process challenges) to ensure positive experience and repeat attendees.


  • Create Brand and Sponsorship model
  • Outreach& Marketing Plan
  • Create agenda for event
  • Select and recruit featured speakers and subject matter experts that will deliver value
  • Produce, Manage and host event to ensure its fast paced, entertaining
  • Post Event Follow up

What big challenge of your business needs a breakthrough?