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Social Media Management

Creating and Scheduling Posts:

Develop and Implement a content strategy that serves to provide valuable information to the client’s audience with the goal of eventually selling product and/or services. Pricing will vary depending on frequency of posts and per platform.

Customized Monthly Reports with Detailed Insights and Analytics:

Twitter: Tweet Impressions, Profile Views, Mentions, Follower Growth

Facebook: Page Views, Post Engagement and Reach, Page Growth, Audience Insights

Instagram: Post Engagement, Reach & Impressions, Follower Growth, Audience Insights

Monitoring and Participating in Social Conversions:

Answering potential consumers questions, comments, or concerns about the product or service.

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Other Web Packages

Design Refresh

​Your best choice if you have a website that just needs a refresh. We’ll port your existing text and graphics into a content management system-driven website you can edit whenever you want.

Website Development

If you need to replace your current website or need your first website, we can do it all for you. Our web development packages include all text and graphics, social media setup and integration, analytics, blog, and search engine optimization.