Top 10 Proven Best Practices to Propel Your Business Forward Online

Join us for this LIVE Value Packed Masterclass

You’ll hear from three subject matter experts on the topics of SEO, Website and Branding, and Video to show you how you can immediately improve your online presence and search visibility so that you can improve the quality of online traffic, attract new customers, and increase sales.

May 13, 2020 10:30am - 11:30am (Eastern)

We’re going to show you… 

  • What the benefits are of having an up to date responsive and secure website.
  • What having an accessible website means and why you need to make sure your site is accessible.
  • How to successfully increase organic search visibility, traffic and sales during major site changes without losing traffic.
  • Improve your business through this low cost/high ROI marketing channel.
  • How video is used to build brand awareness, improve SEO, showcase unique offerings, and provide third-party validation.
  • How to reliably craft messages that compel your Ideal Customer to engage with your brand.

Presented by:


Adam Levin
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Information Experts

Adam Levin has been integrating his passion for entrepreneurship, community building, and marketing since his days as a student at Bryant University where he majored in business and organized the college’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

Today as CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Information Experts, Adam formulates the company’s growth strategy & marketing strategy, and leads the company’s business development efforts to ensure the company remains known as one of the most successful organizations in the industry. In addition to running Information Experts, Adam is the Chief Marketing Officer, Partner for NeXco National. He is responsible for creating, communicating and delivering offerings that create value for customers, clients and business partners.


Janet Bartoli
Search Strategist
The Bartoli Consulting Group

The Bartoli Consulting Group, a search marketing consultancy. Janet has over 16 years deep specialization in designing multi-national & enterprise search engine optimization strategy, end to end SEO program development. The Bartoli Consulting Group works as a partner with it’s clients to develop search strategy, identify technical and content gaps preventing the site from reaching ideal customers. This is done through SEO program management, SEO training and full end to end managed services meant to immediately increase search visibility, improve customer experience, and grow and convert online traffic into sales. Clients include Fiat, Verizon, StubHub, Payless Shoesource, and many others


Kurt Schneid
Executive Producer
Brand Ready

“Video is the most powerful and influential medium in history,” says Kurt Schneid, Brand Ready Media. A life long environmental activist and video producer Schneid believes there is no better way to share a story or gain support. As a teenager Schneid spearheaded a movement against the McDonald’s Corporation. “It was the videos that we produced, and the television coverage that educated the populous and won us the support. I knew then the power of video.” Kurt finished top of his class in film school and was awarded a slot making Discovery Channel programs. In addition to producing amazing Corporate Video, Schneid proudly leverages his skillsets to promote and support local and nation charities and non-profits. “Some of the most rewarding work we get to do are projects that help change lives.” Kurt is married to Asha Schneid and they have three boys, Kailib, Austin, and Spenser.