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Company Overview

Why should you introduce Information Experts to your community?

  • Information Experts is a 27-year-old award-winning agency with a history of delivering results.  When you make an introduction, it’s up to us to create a solution that proves our value.
  • Further, we will provide your connection with recommendations that may not include working with us. Our objective is to be a valued resource and advise the best direction.  By introducing us, it strengthens your relationship by acting as a trusted advisor, not a vendor.


  • Who:  A business leader you know, like, and want to help grow
  • What: An organization that needs marketing support to help implement their vision
  • Company Size:  Startups to 250 employees
  • Revenue:  Funded startups, solopreneurs to $20M
  • B2B Verticals: Consulting, Engineering, Finance (Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms), and Technology Firms, Government Contractors, Non-Profits
  • B2C Verticals:  Organizations, Non-Profits, Finance
  • Horizontals: Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, Directors

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