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US Air Force Medical Service – Conference Support

United_States_Air_Force_Medical_Service_sealOn September 19, 2011 Information Experts was awarded a firm fixed contract to offer logistics support at the U.S. Air Force Medical Service’s (AFMS) Senior Leadership Workshop (SLW) held from October 17–21, 2011 at the National Conference Center (NCC) in Lansdowne, VA. The scope of work included, but was not limited to:

  • Communication and pre-event coordination with the NCC and coordination between the facility and AFMS (pre- and post-event)
  • Review and management of the event’s function space and audio visual (AV) requirements
  • Development of event material and printing, including participant name badges and event signage
  • Management of the workshop’s onsite registration area
  • Collection of video footage (i.e., B-roll) for archival purposes and creation of a highlight video shown at the closing remarks
  • Management and execution of the “Senior Knife” interviews
  • Support for onsite curriculum and presenter relations (e.g., preparing presenters, reviewing content, and updating presentations)
  • Information Technology (IT) support for AFMS’ Operations (Ops) Center
  • Management and webcast support, including: vendor research and selection, testing, onsite coordination, moderation of the live event, and formatting the finished product files for archival
  • Management of presentations and videos shown during the event
  • File transfer (daily) of presentations, webcast files, and videos to the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center’s (AMRDEC) Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) website

AFMS tasked Information Experts to provide onsite workshop support and develop several documents for use in future AFMS events. Information Experts developed a Specification Guidebook for event planning, which also served as a “playbook” to organize and consolidate the meeting details in one document. The content included:

  • Event goals and objectives
  • Meeting dates
  • Location information
  • Estimated attendee numbers
  • Guest room blocks and function space release terms and conditions
  • Group profile and demographics
  • Very Important Persons (VIPs) list
  • Protocol directives * Emergency contacts
  • Facilities and services agreements
  • Meeting, catering, registration, AV, telecomm, technical, and production specifications
  • Directives for identifying and accommodating individuals with special needs
  • Master billing instructions
  • Tentative agenda/program