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U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command / Army Training Support Center (ATSC) – Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPDL)

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Information Experts is one of eight prime contractors awarded a Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPDL) contract by the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The CAPDL program provides education and training to ensure soldiers and their units have the knowledge to meet the Army’s needs. Tasks under this IDIQ include the development of virtual reality training modules, sophisticated learning models and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI).

During this 5 year program Information Experts has analyzed, designed, developed, and created over 784 hours of  instructional multimedia instruction DL hours for the U.S Army school houses.

Information Experts’ team of Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Graphic Artists, Courseware Developers and Narrators worked to create learner focused training.

Tasks Performed:

  • Reviewed and reported on Government Furnished Information. Created a Task and Media Analysis
  • Created an IMDP, which is a high-level design document detailing macro- and micro-level instructional strategies, organization of the learning paths for each of the lessons, and general design conventions used in the web-based courseware.
  • Acquired the services of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) so that our design team would not need to interrupt the client’s staff with requests for routine information.
  • Created detailed storyboards that show the graphics, text, narration, and
    programming features of each frame in the interactive multimedia training.
  • Created engaging instruction designed to grab and keep the student’s attention throughout the lesson, using high-quality visual media, engaging narrators,
    periodic checks-on-learning, and scenario-based practical exercises.
  • Created challenging and appropriate assessments to test the student’s achievement. The test item data bank presented the learner with randomly generated test questions and distracters so that repeated attempts at a test will appear to be unique tests from the learner’s perspective.
  • Coordinated Individual and Group Trials to ensure the course is instructionally sound.
  • Prepared the course for fielding by submitting for government-testing to ensure the course works flawlessly on the Army’s platforms.