General Services Administration and Social Media

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General Services Administration and Social Media

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    GSA Schedules branded Twitter page.
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    GSA Schedules blog design.


The General Services Administration’s (GSA) web site needed fresh and easy-to-understand content as well as a new design to better deliver Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) information. It was also important to the GSA to have a new social media component in their communication strategy that would be integrated into the web site: i.e., a MAS blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. Web 2.0 strategies and tools are essential to the success of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules program. Federal Acquisition Service, Office of Acquisition Management needed to find a way to engage customers and stakeholders. It was important that this new communication strategy maximize effective use of the schedules program on, build a GSA Schedules online community through social media, and build effective online communications program.


Information Experts approached the GSA with a new media strategy that was both compelling and interactive. By starting with an analysis phase, Information Experts determined the target audience broke down into three groups: key stakeholders, opinion leaders, and general audiences. A majority of the listed entities are active in online communities and various social media platforms – predominantly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With this information hand, we compiled a list of blog and podcast topic ideas that included interviews with agency leadership, event promotion, and best practices information that was easy-to-read and easy-to-find for potential customers and stakeholders.

Through research and taking the time to fully understand the needs of the client, our resources became subject expert matters on Multiple Awards Schedules. We created content that was easy to cross promote between all of the social media outlets so that the audience could grow and become more of a community within the GSA.

The MAS Schedules blog has been used as a major platform to tie in all aspects of social media. By breaking down information into fresh, new articles, entertaining podcasts, and highlighting all of this on different social networking sites, Multiple Awards Schedules information is now accessible and relevant.

Services Provided

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