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Defense Logistics Agency


Agencies of today want to make sure they have a competent, well prepared workforce for years to come. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sought to gain a better understanding of the skills and competencies of its acquisitions employees. It was important for the DLA to find out if they had the correct skill sets and competencies in place to be able to make better recruiting decisions and improve efforts to retain employees by better investing in appropriate professional development programs.


In order to align with the Department of Defense’s Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning and the DLA Director’s Guidance for Workforce Development, the DLA needed continue to integrate competency models into competency-based workforce planning efforts to ensure that it had the right employee with the right skills in the right job and at the right time for current and future missions. Therefore, the purpose of this effort was to have a vehicle/process in place to support the DLA’s Competency Management Program.

Competency Management and Development

Information Experts assisted the DLA in assessing and developing strategies to close gaps for current and future competencies required for the acquisition workforce. We conducted a comprehensive seven-step competency development and assessment approach:

  • Conduct job analysis
  • Establish proficiency criticalities and importance ratings
  • Create behavioral indicators
  • Obtain competency model approval
  • Assist with deployment of assessment tool
  • Assist with analysis and reporting
  • Develop a communications plan

Information Experts identified critical job tasks by career level–entry, journeyman, and senior. Job tasks were validated by DLA subject matter experts. Competencies for the workforce were assessed to include a review of competencies developed by the Federal Acquisition Institute. These competencies were assessed against DLA’s competencies developed several years earlier. Information Experts updated the DLA’s competencies based on the job tasks identified and to align best with the current career levels. Interview guides for working groups of professionals were developed to guide the validation of key tasks and competencies. Information Experts designed a survey to extract appropriate proficiencies, importance ratings, and behavioral indicators for the workforce based on the three career levels. To assist in the identification of survey and working-group participants, Information Experts reviewed the demographics of the current workforce and developed a demographic analysis. The demographic analysis ensures an appropriate mix of the workforce in which to draw expertise on job tasks, competencies, behavioral indicators, proficiencies, etc.

Communications Plan

Information Experts assisted the DLA in the development of a communication plan for the competency development effort. Communications materials were developed to align with the DLA’s communications strategy. We developed communications and guides to assist in the roll-out of key deliverables. We drafted the project plan, milestones, and deliverables. Communications for the roll-out of the survey, the assessment tool, and other key tasks for the project were developed to ensure consistency of the message to the target audiences.


  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Marketing and Outreach Consulting