Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) needed support in designing, developing, and implementing compliance training. This included distance learning and the technology necessary to facilitate it. CMS also needed support conducting conference planning and outreach to its central and regional office staff and Medicare Advantage and Part D plan sponsors. CMS wanted to disseminate this information broadly to industry (insurance providers) and CMS regulators. It was important to increase the networking/familiarity of these groups and to keep the message consistent across conferences. As a subcontractor to Provider Resources Inc. (PRI), Information Experts provided recommendations and executed a multitude of conferences and events.


Information Experts provided a highly qualified project team to handle a multitude of tasks. Working with PRI, Information Experts ensured that the project remained on schedule and addressed any issues quickly and effectively by meeting with the core management team to coordinate the project and to ensure consistency and quality.

Information Experts was instrumental in:

  • Identifying compliance training, education, and outreach needs
  • Supporting all aspects of training design and implementation
  • Creating and managing the CMS portal—creating a new page for each event and updating the page as necessary before, during, and after an event
  • Posting notices to the CMS portals and website concerning training, registration, agendas and all presentations including audio files
  • Coordinating all aspects of audiovisual (AV) support required for onsite conferences, webcasts, and webinars including: defining appropriate media to support educational goals; specifying technical and personnel requirements; directing the AV function during the event; recording/capturing the event; and editing the event materials for distribution via the web portal
  • Supporting all graphic needs for the event including creation of: an event design, several attendee email blasts, registration headers, an agenda and bio sheet, and all conference signage and badges
  • Planning and coordinating technology-based training including: satellite broadcasts/webcasts, audio and video teleconferences, video streaming/podcasts, webinars, and asynchronous recordings of live activities
  • Planning and coordinating in-person conference activities, including posting event meetings to discuss participant feedback and possible enhancements based on the feedback
  • Revamping speaker presentations and updating them to ensure 508 compliance
  • Documenting and reporting on project status and development
  • Conducting evaluations and making recommendations for training effectiveness and success

Because of these services, CMS provided a year of successful events and repeatedly thanked IE for its pivotal role.

Services Provided

  • Marketing and Outreach Consulting
  • Educational Consulting
  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Creative Design and Development
  • Technical Development
  • Conference Support