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Webinar Development and Hosting Package

Meet your audiences without traveling

If you’re looking to hold a webinar but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We have a proven webinar development methodology that ensures success. It starts with a management plan that treats the webinar as a stand-alone project with its own strategy, objectives, goals, messaging and metrics to deliverable predictable results. It ends with a follow-up survey to measure your webinar’s overall effectiveness and ways it can be enhanced for repeat presentations.

When you work with us, we will help you define your business objectives, identify your audience, sharpen your topics, rehearse your speakers, arrange for hosting that scales to accommodate your audience size, and create a plan for following up after your webinar to measure results.

Here are the eight steps we will work on with you:

1: Define your objectives, target audience, desired outcomes, and success metrics.

2: Set up a webinar project schedule and identify your participants.

3: Hold a kick-off meeting to get oriented to a common goal. We’ll provide a project manager who will keep all the details on schedule.

4: Write the content and design the presentation.

5: Schedule and promote your webinar.

6: Rehearse all your participants. We’ll either host the webinar for you or train your host.

7: Product the webinar. We can capture the webinar for reviewing internally or to post to your website or social media platforms.

8: Follow-up with participants to measure the effectiveness of the webinar.

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