Community of Experts: Rochelle Dallons | Yield Bookkeeping

A comprehensive marketing program for growth

Sharp business owners are rarely short of marketing and sales vision. But converting the best and brightest of ideas into actual plans – and then plans into daily tasks toward real results – is a bit more difficult.

It takes a team. Likely a team you don’t have. Or wouldn’t want to carry on your books as full-time employees. At least until they’ve proven their worth.

Rochelle Dallons of CEO Yield Bookkeeping Services was outgrowing the reach, functionality, and brand experience of her self-developed website. Yield is a Northern Virginia-based, woman-owned firm so responsive to clients that their Loudoun County footprint continues to expand nationally.  

Rochelle discussed with us some challenges and goals. And together we started to formulate solutions to convey her company’s maturation as a basis for further expansion:

  • Sharing helpful bookkeeping practices and law change ramifications
  • Driving SEO improvement and impression and visit metrics
  • Heightening client and prospect web experiences and lead capture
  • Participating in, and giving back to, a community of business owners

Rochelle’s vision is rock solid straightforward. Business bookkeeping is fraught with knowledge needs and fears. What you don’t know as a business owner will cost you. What you think you know but have all wrong will cost you too. The more you know the better you manage, the more accountable you are for your company’s bottom line.

Rochelle’s vision isn’t theoretical. She is driven to share her expertise. She’s an accountant that isn’t always heads-down. She is curious about her clients’ business and the bookkeeping challenges any business faces.

Information Experts set a course for a full marketing program, an ongoing cadence of communications, events, and prospect and client learning experiences. And assembled a team to pursue the Yield growth trajectory: From a virtual CMO to media-savvy developers, writers, and designers – all working in concert toward her vision.

This program solution covered web platforms, social media, community outreach, awards participation, and digital and traditional advertising.

  • Website edits, additions, and user experience maintenance
  • Print, ad, brochure design
  • Scheduled social media posting (Fb and LI)
  • Organizing, promoting, and running Zoom events
  • Email/website newsletters
  • Marketing strategy inclusive of media planning, ad development, award strategy, and submission

The program includes the establishment of and management for the Small Business Owners’ Roundtable, an ongoing series of promoted and followed-up Zoom Meetings. The Roundtable features guest speakers and opportunities for knowledge share and networking among small business owners and accounting principals. It’s a fun, lively, productive time – where contacts, friends, and business opportunities are made.

Give and you’ll get back: a good feeling of connectedness, a referral made or received, and always some extra energy and positive vibes all around.

Rochelle had this to say about our initial program efforts:

“Information Experts quickly and professionally cleaned up my website, switched platforms, and performed magic on my SEO…

Not only does my website look better but I have more than 20 pending clients right now (within 30 days of the website launch) and they all came to me via my website – that is a HUGE improvement.”

As the program continued, even more substantive results toward Rochelle’s vision started to be realized:

“After engaging with Information Experts on a subscription for the full 2020 program our top-line revenue increased by 25%. For 2021 we will experience another 20% growth atop that. I strongly recommend allowing Information Experts to go a mile deep with your organization so you can maximize your growth.”

This community success is the perfect match of vision to strategic and tactical implementation. Continued growth is likely with the continuous development of the right vision, team, and talents. And Yield’s ongoing passion for business success, mindful stewardship, and community connection. 

Information Experts is accepting a limited number of new clients for 2021 subscriptions. Please schedule a meeting with Adam Levin, CEO to review your vision.